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Community Outreach

Promote Our Shelter Pets in Your Business

We have a few different opportunities for your business to promote our shelter pets. The most popular way is placing one of our dog and cat cutouts in your business. A variety of establishments – restaurants, salons and offices – to name a few have chosen to participate in this program. You may see some photos of our cutouts and a list of all participating companies. Our hope is that these cutouts draw the attention of possible adopters who may not have heard of Orange County Animal Services before. The additional exposure is helping us expand the size of our audience, and as a result, get more pets adopted!

If you would like to contribute to these efforts, please fill out the cutout request form and send it to or 2769 Conroy Rd. Orlando, FL 32839. If your application is approved you will receive a free cutout. If your business would like to help us offset the cost of the cutouts, your business can make a donation to the shelter. This project is reliant on the help of the community and we’re so thankful for all of the companies that have chosen to participate.

Another way to promote our shelter pets is by hosting an offsite adoption event at your location. If you have an event taking place with a large attendance and think some of our pets will find a home by visiting your location, please email

Hosting a donation drive is also a great way to raise awareness for the shelter and increase donations. Monetary donations, pet food and pet supplies are always accepted at our shelter. To view a list of constantly needed items, please see our wish list.

Tour the Shelter

Learn about our shelter, see how we care for the animals, check out our adoptable pets, learn about volunteer opportunities, and more! Each tour is approximately 30 minutes in length and can be adjusted to best suit the group’s age range.

Schedule a

Guest Speaker

Learn all about your pet from one of our animal experts. We’re available to speak to your Homeowners’ Association or community group. If you would like to schedule a guest speaker, please email us at

Educational Workshops

We offer a variety of free educational workshops ranging in age from elementary students to adults. Our programs are always free of charge to any educator, youth group or citizen in Orange County. The educational workshops offered are listed below.

  • Bite Prevention (ages 5 – 10) children learn how to be safe around dogs to avoid injuries
  • Responsible Pet Ownership (ages 5 – 10) children learn the five principles for a healthy and happy pet
  • Middle School Jeopardy Game (ages 11 – 13) students learn fun facts about Animal Services, pets, local pet laws and pet safety
  • High School Jeopardy Game (ages 14 and up) students learn fun facts about Animal Services, the pet overpopulation problem, local pet laws and pet safety

Trapping Assistance

Information on licensed, private trappers can be found on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website

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Orange County Animal Services
Pet Rescue & Adoption Center
2769 Conroy Road
Orlando, FL 32839-2162

Phone: (407) 836-3111

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