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This Month at
Animal Services

To celebrate the New Year, Orange County Animal Services is reducing adoption fees to $17 for all pets* in January. Ring in 2017 by adding a furry friend to your family.

*Puppies and kittens not available for promotional rate.

All Year Long Promotions


All year long we're allowing adopters to adopt two felines for the price of one! Kitties and cats tend to do well in pairs so adding two to your home would be a great idea. After all two is better than one!

Veterans Adopt for Free

We've waived adoption fees for the whole year as our way of saying thank you to those who've served for our country. All you need is your Military ID or a copy of your DD Form 214 with honorable discharge. Dogs and cats are great companions and Orange County Animal Services has plenty of pets to choose from that are awaiting to find a new best friend.

Adopt a Senior Pet for Free

All year long we are offering a promotion for our senior pets. Anyone can adopt a dog or cat that is 7 years and older for free. Older pets make great companions, because they're housebroken, mellow and they won't chew up those new shoes. If you're looking for a couch companion, we suggest a senior pet!

Heartworm Positive Dogs are Free

We are waiving all of the adoption fees for dogs that have tested positive for heartworm disease. This disease is transmitted via mosquito to dogs who are not taking a heartworm preventative and can be fatal if not treated. Treatment costs vary based on the size of the dog and the severity of the heartworms. Shelter dogs who have heartworm disease have a much more difficult time finding a home because of the cost associated with treatment. By waiving the adoption for these dogs, Animal Services hopes to alleviate the cost of the medical treatment to the new adopting family. Speak to a veterinarian to learn more about treatment options and costs.

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