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Proposed Natural Resources Ordinance

Orange County is developing an ordinance to consolidate permitting and compliance regulations, and related provisions, regulating activities that may cause adverse impacts to wetlands and other surface waters.

This ordinance would replace the regulatory functions currently required by:

  • Ch. 15, Article VI. Pumping and Dredging Control
  • Ch. 15, Article VII. Lakeshore Protection
  • Ch. 15, Article IX. Dock Construction
  • Ch. 15, Article X. Wetland Conservation Areas
  • Ch. 15, Article XV. Boat Ramps

Minor revisions to the County Comprehensive Plan and other environmental codes in Ch. 15 and Ch. 33 may also be required as this ordinance is developed.

Chapter 15, Article III. Air Quality Control

This amendment will adopt changes to state air regulations that have occurred since March 1, 2012. Orange County administers portions of the state’s air quality program and it is required by contract to stay current with changes to state air regulations.

Chapter 15, Article IV. Noise Pollution Control

In a future public hearing, the Board of County Commissioners will consider adopting a “plainly audible” noise standard to provide an additional tool for the Orange County Sheriff’s office to use in responding to noise complaints. Other minor amendments to the existing code will also be considered at that time.

Noise Pollution Control Ordinance Public Workshop March 19, 1:00-3:00 p.m.

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