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Lot Split Permit


Orange County, Florida Government


Lot Split:
The creation of no more than three (3) lots from a parent parcel. More than 3 lots is considered a subdivision which requires an application to be submitted to the Development Review Committee (DRC) Office. All newly created lots must satisfy the area’s density requirements defined by the Orange County Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Lot Reconfiguration:
Realignment of existing lot lines on a parcel.

Plat Reversion:
Returning lots to their original platted configuration.

Application Process

  • Submit a PDF of the complete application and supplemental information to the Orange County Zoning Division by email at in the subject line please note, "Lot Split Application".
  • A reviewer will process your application and send you an invoice to pay the submittal fee with your permit number which you can track on Fast Track Online Permitting.

Submittal Guidelines

  • Completed application.
    • Authorization letters from the area’s controlling utility provider verifying the availability (or non-availability) of central sewer and/or water services.
    • Notarized Agent Authorization form, if applicant is not the owner of the property. Also, if there are multiple owners then a form is required for each individual or entity
  • One (1) electronic copy of a sealed survey, to scale, with a north arrow, certified within 90 days, and identifying the following:
    1. All existing structures, and their setbacks from all property lines, including square footage and use of each.
    2. Designate the yards (i.e. front, rear, sides and side street) and annotate the yard designation on each lot of the approved survey and show the allowable building envelope;
    3. All existing or proposed easements;
    4. Identify wetland areas, include wetland line and acreage;
    5. Identify the Normal High Water Elevation (NHWE) for any water bodies, and depict the location of the NHWE contour line;
    6. Identify each lot’s area - Total land area for each proposed lot, and net developable area for each proposed lot.
      • Net Developable Land area (aka Upland Area) is the total lot area minus any wetlands, or any natural surface waters such as lakes or ponds (land that is beyond the (NHWE) contour is not considered upland). This is also referred to as “high and dry” area.
      • Only non-submerged land that is landward of the NHWE is considered as upland area, and counted for purposes of meeting density and zoning requirements
    7. Legal descriptions of the parent tract and for each proposed lot;
    8. Identify the 100-year flood elevation;
    9. Label all adjoining rights-of-way;
    10. Show the proposed lot lines and lot dimensions;
    11. If septic systems or wells are proposed, the survey must indicate where any existing septic tanks, drain fields, and wells are located; and
    12. Identification of any existing septic systems and wells within 75 feet of the parent tract’s property lines (unless this separation can be accommodated entirely on the applicant’s property).
    13. All residential lots shall comply with 38-1502, and all other applicable codes.
      • All existing structures to remain must meet the required setbacks from any new lot line created through lot split, lot reconfiguration, or plat reversion
      • For residential properties, any new lot created must be completely vacant, or contain a principal structure (dwelling unit). New lots created cannot solely contain accessory structures (such as sheds or pools). If any structures are shown on the survey submitted that do not meet setbacks, or are not permitted to remain, the application will be denied until such time as demolition permits have been completed, and updated surveys submitted.

Review Process

  • After payment the application is reviewed by applicable departments or divisions.
  • Review process will take approximately forty-five (45) days from the time a completed application is submitted and all fees are paid.
  • Within forty-five (45) days the applicant will receive notification of an approved or denied application.

Appeal Process

  • Appeal Process
    • Any application denied may be appealed to the Development Review Committee (DRC).
    • The appeal must be submitted in writing within thirty (30) calendar days of the notification of the zoning manager's decision per Section 34-46(b).
  • Submit a letter outlining the details for the appeal and appeal fee to the Zoning Division at or 201 S. Rosalind Ave. First Floor, Orlando, FL 3280.


  • Plat Reversion - $367.00
  • Lot Split or Lot Reconfiguration: Single Family Residential Up to 3 lots - $494.00
  • Lot Split or Lot Reconfiguration: Commercial, Industrial, or Multi-family - $619.00
  • Appeal Fee - $741.00
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