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Emergency Debris Removal

The clean up following an emergency or disaster

As Orange County continues recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma, it is important for residents to be informed on debris removal.


View the current curbside debris removal map for the entire county.

The volume of yard debris throughout the county is very large and we thank you for your continued patience with debris pickup.

We have completed more than 95 percent of our first pass through unincorporated Orange County. 


County contractors cannot enter private gated communities for debris removal, except in cases of critical life/safety emergencies. For gated communities, an authorized community representative should contact 311 to arrange for permission for the community’s contractor to drop off debris at a designated Citizen Drop-Off Site. In the alternative, the community representative can arrange for a County debris contractor to meet the community’s contractor at or near the entrance to the gated community, to accept debris.

If residents within a community do not own the property, such as a trailer park, manufactured home community or condominium building, the community is not eligible to participate in this program. These communities are considered commercial and must arrange for their own debris removal.

Follow Orange County Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization Division on


In either case, vegetative storm debris (tree limbs, branches, and other organic debris) should always be separated from storm-related construction debris (shingles, fencing, lumber, drywall, etc.) Mixed debris will not be accepted at Drop-Off Sites, and for curbside removal, construction debris will be collected separately, and if not separated, neither may be picked up. Also, household garbage should NEVER be mixed with storm or construction debris.


Debris will only be removed from private property only in the case of severe damage, per the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) policy. If the debris is an immediate threat to residents, State or local government may enter private property to remove debris to eliminate threats to life, public health and safety.

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