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August 3, 2010 Board of County Commissioners Meeting





1. Selection of three firms and two ranked alternates to provide Workers' Compensation Legal Counsel Services, Request for Proposals Y10-1039-LC, from the following five firms, listed alphabetically

  • Bolten and Helm LLP
  • Broussard, Cullen & DeGailler, P.A.
  • Dean, Ringers, Morgan & Lawton, P.A.
  • Langston, Hess, Augustine, Sojourner & Moyles, P.A.
  • Moore, Peterson & Zeitler, P.A. ([County Administration Risk Management Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division)

2. Approval of a Resolution of the Orange County Board of County Commissioners regarding the Resolution of the Orange County School Board directing the Orange County Board of County Commissioners to call an election for a referendum to be placed on the ballot of the November 2, 2010 General Election. All Districts.

3. Update on the Restoration of Lake Apopka by the S1. Johns River Water Management District.

July 15, 2010 Planning and Zoning Commission Recommendations


A. Petition to Vacate

1. Applicant: Thomas Vincent; Petition to Vacate 10-04, portion of right of way; District 1

B. Boat Ramp

2. Applicant: Peterson Investments Ltd. (Vista del Lago), Raccoon Lake, permit, District 1

C. Substantial Changes

3. Applicant: David Kelly of Donald W. Mcintosh Associates, Inc., Keene's Pointe Planned Development -Keene's Pointe Preliminary Subdivision Plan; amend plan; District 1

4. Applicant: James G. Willard, Waterford Lakes Planned Development (PD)/Development of Regional Impact (DRI) -Land Use Plan (LUP); amend plan; District 4

D. Conservation Area Impact

5. Applicant: Jodi Fisher, 13801 State Road 545, after-the-fact permit, District 1

E. Boat Ramp

6. Applicant: Jodi Fisher, Lake Gifford, after-the-fact permit, District 1

F. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

7. Applicant: Joshua D. Barbaree, Aristocrat VW Planned Development; Case LUP-10-036-045, June 17, 2010; District 4

G. Substantial Change

8. Applicant: Brian Forester, PBS&J, Lake Reamsl\Jeighborhood Planned Development -Sharp Property Phase 1 Preliminary Subdivision Plan; amend plan; District 1

H. Roadway Conceptual Analysis

9. Lake Underhill Road RCA, Goldenrod Road to Rouse Road, Districts 3 and 4

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