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June 29, 2010 Board of County Commissioners Meeting





1. Presentations regarding Water Management Districts Wet Weather Emergency Preparedness Operations.

2. Approval to enter into an Interlocal Agreement for Cooperative Purchasing with Orange County, Lake County, Seminole County, Volusia County, Brevard County, Osceola County School Board, City of Orlando, City of Palm Bay and the City of Winter Park for a three-year term. (Purchasing and Contracts Division)


1. Approval of Amendment No.5, Contract Y7-152~NW, Legal Services Related to Tourist Development Taxes with Brown Garganese, Weiss & D'Agresta, PA, in the estimated amount of $300,000.


1. Presentation regarding Red Light Enforcement Safety Program.


A. Ordinances

1. Amending Orange County Code, Article XIII, pertaining to Ethical Standards

2. Amending Orange County Code, Article X, pertaining to Lobbying Activities

B. Special Assessment Resolution

3. Resolution for collection of special assessment liens for one time only lot cleaning for LC08-600 and LC09-0177; Districts 2 and 1 respectively; continued from May 11,2010

C. Petition to Vacate

4. Applicant: Richard M. Irwin. on behalf of Health Central; Petition to Vacate 10-02. portion of right of way; District 1

D. Preliminary Subdivision Plan

5. Alafaya Trail Property Plan Development -The Shops at Alafaya Trail Phase I & II Preliminary Subdivision Plan (Green Project), District 3

E. Comprehensive Plan

6. Transmittal of 2010-2 Regular Cycle Amendments to the 2010-2030 Comprehensive Plan


Privately Initiated Future Land Use Map (FLUM) Amendments

2010-2-A-1-1 Gail & Stewart Granville; Jodi Fisher & Jeff Thompson/ Jim Hall, VHB Miller Sellen, Village (V) to Growth Center/Resort/Planned Development (GC/RlPD) (USA Expansion)

2010-2-A-1-2 Don Huber, DH2, LLC/Kendell Keith, Planning Design Group, Lakeside Village-Open Space/Greenbelt (OS/GB) and Wetland to lakeside Village-Community Support (CS) (new Future Land Use Designation) and new Policy FlU4.4.5

2010-2-A-2-1 DOT/State of Florida/Michael Wright Institutional (INST) to Planned Development-Commercial (PD-C)

2010-2-A-2-2 Maitland Blvd Apartment Assoc LLLPfTodd Hudson, P.E., Hudson Engineering Assoc. Inc., Medium Density Residential (MDR) to Planned Development-High Density Residential (PD-HDR)

2010-2-A-4-1 Boggy Creek Land Holding, LLC/Greenway Park DRI, LLC, Rural(R) to Planned Development-Low Density Residential (PD-LDR (USA Expansion)

2010-2-A-4-2 Group 142 and Avalon St-15, LLC/Dave Schmitt Engineering, Inc., Planned Development to Planned Development-Commercial/Low Density Residential (PD-C/LDR)

2010-2 -A-5-1 Orange County Public Schools/Tyrone K. Smith, Institutional (INST) and Rural (R) to Educational (EDU)

2010-2-A-5-2 Multiple Owners/Dan Bellows, Benjamin Partners, LLC Low Medium Density Residential (LMDR), Commercial (C), Office (0), and no Future Land Use designation to Planned Development-Commercial Medium Density Residential/Institutional (PD/CIIO/MDRtI NST)

2010-1-A-2-2 Tim J Bailey, The Parks of Mt. DoralLLC/Michael D. Wadley, Shutts & Bowen, LLP

2010-2-A-4-3 Steve Richardson, Pioneers International Inc/Robert Miller, R.Miller Architecture Inc., Rural Settlement 1 du/2ac (RS 1/2) to Planned Development-Commercial/ Office/Medium Density Residential/Rural Settlement 1/2 (PD-C/O/MDRtRural Settlement 1/2) (USA Expansion) and removal from the Lake Hart/Lake Whippoorwill Rural Settlement

Staff Initiated Future Land Use Map (FLUM) Amendments

2010-2-B-FLUM-1 Future Land Use Map (FLUM) amendment removing Future Land Use Map designations for parcels previously annexed by incorporated jurisdictions within Orange County.

2010-2-B-CPP-1 Amendments to the Future Land Use, Conservation and Transportation elements clarifying policies, correcting policy references and making other policy changes as noted.

2010-2-B-FLUE-1 Text amendment to Future Land Use Element Policy FLU1.2.4 allocating additional lands within the Urban Service Area.

2010-2-B-FLUE-2 T ext amendment to Future Land Use Element Policy FLUB.1.4 establishing maximum densities and intensities for proposed Planned Developments within Orange County.

2010-2-B-FLUE-3 Text amendment to Future Land Use Element Objective FLU5.14 and associated policies regarding the Starwood Property.

2010-2-B-FLUE-4 Text amendment to Innovation Way objectives and policies to refine and clarify these objectives and policies

2010-2-B-FLUE-6 Creation of the Wekiva Interchange Land Use Plan Overlay (WILUPO) designation, adding an objective and policies to the Future Land Use Element, and adding map 21 to the Future Land Use Map Series.

2010-2-B-FLUE-7 Amendments to the Future Land Use Element regarding the Mixed Use Activity Center (MXDAC) Policies for Objective FLU3.2 and associated policies.

2010-2-B-EC-1 Text Amendment to the Economic Element to delete policies and create new Goals, Objective and Policies (GOPs).

2010-2-8-UDE-1 Text Amendment to the Urban Design Element rewriting the Goals. Objective and Policies (GOPs).

2010-2-8-PSFE-1 Text amendments to the Public School Facilities Element and Future Land Use Element regarding . schools.

F. Comprehensive Plan Transmittal

7. Applicant: Rio Reale Properties Orlando LLC. Camino Reale Development of Regional Impact (DRI); Amendment #2009-D-4-3; amending Orange County Code; District 4; continued from April 20 and May 25,2010

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