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November 23, 2010 Board of County Commissioners Meeting





1. Approval of a negotiated contract with Motorola, Inc. in the amount of $20,746,223 for a 30-month contract to upgrade the existing Public Safety Radio System. (Purchasing and Contracts Division)

2. Selection of one firm and two ranked alternates to provide Background Checks, Request for Proposals Y11-109-JS, from the following three firms, listed alphabetically:

  • Clark Brothers Acquisitions. LLC dba CriminalScreenings.com
  • HRS Group, Inc.
  • Inquires, Inc. ([County Administration Office of Professional Standards Division] Purchasing and Contracts Division)

3. Approval of Resolution of the Orange County Board of County Commissioners regarding establishing Metered Parking Zones at the Orange County Convention Center, and authorization to staff to proceed with implementation. (Convention Center)


1. Ryan White Part A Federal Grant Program Update. (Youth & Family Services Division)

Presentation of Employee Service Awards to: Pedro N. Vazquez (30). Fleet Management, Administrative Services; David R. Linck (30), Parks and Recreation, Norman Spiwak (20). Code Enforcement, Community & Environmental Services; Pedro H. Perez (20), Human Resources, Shanqueta Yvette Ashley (20), Michael John Benzer (25), Community Corrections, Rickey Lee Dumas (25), Department Office, Jimmy Echols Jr. (30), Kenneth V. Adkins (25), Isidro J. Iglesias (25), Douglas O. Thomas (25), Corrections; Donna M. Dellarocco (20), Head Start, Michelle Terese Sever (20). Fiscal Office, Family Services; Richard D. Proctor (25), Charles W. Argabright (25), Anthony F. Shervington (25). Operations, Fire Rescue; Jon S. Perkins (30), and Andre L. Price (20), Roads and Drainage, Public Works; Earline T. Carwise (30), Engineering, Carmen V. Ross (25), Customer Service, Utilities.

Presentation of a proclamation honoring Captain Lawrence Stone


November 4,2010 Board of Zoning Adjustment Recommendations


A. Shoreline Alteration/Dredge and Fill Public Hearing

1. Applicant: Ho Van Nguyen, Lake Holden, permit, District 4

V.A.1. Continued

B. Substantial Changes

2. Applicant: David Kelly, Keene's Pointe Planned Development -Keene's Pointe Preliminary Subdivision Plan; amend plan; District 1

3. Applicant: David Kelly, Keene's Pointe Planned Development -Keene's Pointe Phase 4B Preliminary Subdivision Plan; amend plan; District 1

4. Applicant: Dave Schmitt, Eagle Creek Planned Development (PO)'∑ Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Land Use Plan (LUP); amend plan; District 4

C. Substantial Changes

 5. Applicant: Samer AI Ghafari, Woodbury Church Planned Development (PD) Land Use Plan (LUP); amend plan; District 4

 6. Applicant: Lance Bennett, Fishback Property Planned Development (PO)! Land Use Plan (LUP); amend program; District 1; continued from October 19,2010


D. Preliminary Subdivision Plan


 7. Fishback Property Planned Development -The Vineyards Phases 1A, 18 & 2A (fka Fishback) Preliminary Subdivision Plan, District 1; continued from October 19, 2010

 E. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

 8. Applicant: Jim Hall, Faircloth Planned Development; Case LUP-09-12-005, October 21, 2010; District 6

 F. Substantial Change

 9. Applicant: Heather Middleton, Isleworth-Four Corners Planned Development (PD) Land Use Plan (LUP); amend plan; District 1


G. Preliminary Subdivision Plan

10. Isleworth -Four Corners Planned Development -The Grove at' Isleworth Preliminary Subdivision Plan, District 1


H. Development and Master Sign Plan


11. Isleworth -Four Corners Planned DevelopmentlThe Grove at Isleworthl Parcels 2, 3, 5, 8 & 9 Development Plan and Master Sign Plan, District 1


I. Development Plan

12. Isleworth -Four Corners Planned DevelopmentlThe Grove at Isleworthl Master Infrastructure & Mass Grading Development Plan, District 1

J. Ordinance

13. Amending Orange County Code, Chapter 22, pertaining to Human Rights

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