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October 19, 2010 Board of County Commissioners Meeting





1. Commissioner Brummer wishes to discuss a railroad rehabilitation and improvement financing request.

2. Commissioner Brummer wishes to discuss a resolution supporting the repeal of Senate Bill 550.


1. Presentation regarding Orange County Recycles Day. (Solid Waste Division)


1. Orange County Cooperative Extension Division Update. (County Extension Division)


1. Presentation regarding the Traffic Management Center. (Traffic Engineering)


1. Approval of Contract Y11-2052-LC, Distribution of Tourist Development Tax Revenues (TDT), with United Arts of Central Florida to serve as the County's fiscal agent for the distribution of TDT revenues in the not-to-exceed contract award amount of $2,310,328 for Fiscal Year 2010-2011. ([County Administration Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs] Purchasing and Contracts Division)

Presentation of Employee Service Awards to: Betty E. Meeks (35), Human Resources, Convention Center; Velma J. Pinkard (30), Human

Resources, Leanne Marie Aplanalp (20), Joy Ann Morelly (20), James E. Thomas Jr. (25), Security Operations, Corrections; Limarys

Rivera (20), Irma Luz Hartline (20), Head Start, Winifred A. Polk (20), Youth and Family Services, Family Services; Anthony F.

Shervington (25), Eric W. Pruitt (30), Dana B. McCrystal (30), Operations, Joyce Elaine Hecimovich (20), Administration, Raymond A.

Ramsey (20), Office of the Fire Marshall, Fire Rescue; Daphney Middleton (25), Building, Growth Management; Eileen C. Ireland (25), Development Engineering, Public Works.

Presentation of a proclamation designating the week of October 17 through October 23, 2010 as National Save for Retirement Week


October 7,2010 Board of Zoning Adjustment Recommendations


A. Substantial Change

1. Applicant: Lance Bennett, Fishback Property Planned Development (PD)/Land Use Plan (LUP); amend program; District 1

B. Preliminary Subdivision Plan


2. Fishback Property Planned Development -The Vineyards Phases 1A, 1B & 2A (fka Fishback) Preliminary Subdivision Plan, District 1

C. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

3. Applicant: Thomas R. Sullivan, Southwick Commons Senior Housing Planned Development; Case LUP-10-02-024, August 19, 2010; District 3

4. Applicant: Jeffry B. Fuqua; Case RZ-09-09-029, August19, 2010; District 4

D. Ordinance/Comprehensive Plan

5. Amending Orange County Code, adopting 2010-2 Regular Cycle and Small-Scale Cycle Amendments

Privately Initiated Future Land Use Map (FLUM) Amendments

2010-2-A-1-1 Gail & Stewart Granvillle, Jodi Fisher & Jeff Thompson/Jim Hall, VHB Miller Sellen; V to GC/R/PD (USA expansion)

2010-2-A-1-2Don Huber, DH2, LLC/Kendell Keith, Planning Design Group; V-OS/GB and Wetland to V-CS and new Policy FLU4.4.5 (WITHDRAWN prior to BCC HEARING)

2010-1-A-2-2 Tim J Bailey, The Parks of Mt. Dora/LLC/Michael D. Wadley, Shutts & Bowen, LLP; R 1/10 to PD-C/O/LMDR (Northwest Growth Center expansion)

2010-2-A-2-1 DOT/State of Florida/Michael Wright; INST to PD-C

2010-2-A-2-2 Maitland Blvd Apartment Assoc LLLPlTodd Hudson, P.E., Hudson Engineering Assoc. Inc.; MDR to PD-HDR

2010-2-A-4-1 Boggy Creek Land Holding, LLC/Greenway Park DRI, LLC; R to PD-LDR (USA expansion)

2010-2-A-4-2 Group 142 and Avalon St-15, LLC/Dave Schmitt Engineering Inc.; PD to PD-C/LDR

2010-2-A-4-3 Steve Richardson, Pioneers International Inc/Robert Miller, R. Miller Architecture Inc.; RS 1/2 to PD-C/O/MDR/RS 1/2

(USA expansion) and removal from the Lake Hart/Lake Whippoorwill Rural Settlement

2010-2-A-5-2 Orange County Public SchoolslTyrone K. Smith; INST and R to EDU

2010-2-A-5-1 Multiple Owners/Dan Bellows, Benjamin Partners, LLC; LMDRlC/O/No designation to PD/C/O/MDRIINST

Staff Initiated Future Land Use Map (FLUM) Amendments

2010-2-B-FLUM-1 Future Land Use Map (FLUM) amendment removing Future Land Use Map designations for parcels previously annexed by incorporated jurisdictions within Orange County.

2010-2-B-CP-1 Text amendments to the Future Land Use, Conservation and Transportation elements clarifying policies, correcting policy references and making other policy changes as noted.

2010-2-B-FLUE-1 Text amendments to Future Land Use Policy FLU1.2.4 allocating additional lands within the Urban Service Area.

2010-2-B-FLUE-2 Text amendments to Future Land Use Policy FLUB.1.4 establishing maximum densities and intensities for proposed Planned Developments within Orange County.

2010-2-B-FLUE-3 Text amendments to Future Land Use Objective FLU5.14 and associated policies regarding the Starwood Property.

2010-2-B-FLUE-4 Text amendments to refine and clarify Innovation Way objectives and policies.

2010-2-B-FLUE-6 Creation of the Wekiva Interchange Land Use Plan Overlay (WILUPO) designation, adding an objective and policies to the Future Land Use Element an

2010-2-B-FLUE-7 Text amendments to Future Land Use Objective FLU3.2 and associated policies regarding Mixed Use Development Activity Centers (MXDAC).

2010-2-B-EC-1 Text amendments to the Economic Element to delete policies and create new goals, objective and policies (GOPs).

2010-2-B-UDE-1 Text amendments to the Urban Design Element rewriting the goals, objective and policies (GOPs).

2010-2-B-PSFE-1 Text amendments to the Public School Facilities and Future Land Use elements regarding schools.

2010-2-B-WSA Text amendments to Open Space Policy OS1.3.6 regarding open space requirements for non-residential uses in Urban Service Area.

Expedited Privately Initiated Amendments

2010-2-S-1-1 Tyrone K Smith, Orange County Public Schools, Rural Settlement; (RS) to Institutional (INST)

2010-2-S-3-2 Rebecca Furman, Florida Bank of Commerce; Planned Development (PO) to Planned Development/Commercial Office (C/O)

2010-2-S-4-1 William Anderson, Lake Nona Dental Specialists LLC; Rural Settlement (RS) to Planned Development/Office (PD-O)

2010-2-S-4-2 VHB Miller Sellen c/o Jim Hall, Schuler Family; Industrial (IND) to Planned Development/Commercial (PO/C)

2010-2-S-5-1 Sam C Meiner, Bubbalou's Inc; Office (0) to Commercial (C)

2010-2-S-5-2 Thorne &Storey P.A. c/o Edward A Storey III, Chugin USA Inc; Office (0) to Planned Development/Commercial/Office (PO-C/O)

2010-2-S-5-3 Excel Engineering Consultants, Jennings Investments LLC I/Jennings Investments II Industrial (IND) to Planned Development/Commercial (PO/C)

Privately Initiated Amendments

2010-2-S-1-2 John F & Sally A Rinehart; Rural Settlement (RS 1/5) to Rural Settlement (RS 1/1)

2010-2-S-3-1 Land Design Innovations INC c/o Tracy Crowe and Barry University Inc; Low Density Residential (LOR) to Institutional (INST)

2010-2-S-2-1 Land Design Innovations Inc c/o, Tracy Crowe, William Gordon IV; Low Medium Density Residential(LMDR) to Commercial (C)

E. Planning and Zoning Commission Board-Called

6. Applicant: Robert Miller, Pioneers Planned Development; Case LUP-10-04­ 081, September 28, 2010; District 4


F. Substantial Change

7. Applicant: Lance Bennett, AI PO Planned Development (PD)/Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Land Use Plan (LUP); amend program; District 4


G. Ordinance/Comprehensive Plan Amendment

8. Ordinance amending Orange County Code, Comprehensive Policy Plan Amendment; Orange County, Airport Industrial Park at Orlando

(AIPO) Development of Regional Impact and Notice of Proposed Change to the Development Order, 2009-D-4-1; District 4

H. Agreements

9. Second Amendment to the Joint Planning Area (JPA) Agreement between Orange County and the City of Apopka; District 2

10. Interlocal Agreement between Orange County and the City of Apopka regarding the Wekiva Interchange Land Use Plan Overlay; District 2

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