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Through diverse partnerships with several international cities and regions, Orange County has transformed into a global hub for tourism, healthcare, education, and technology.


Orange County has sister city relationships with five international partner cities and regions around the world. The relationship becomes official with a signing ceremony among the top-elected officials of the two local jurisdictions.

Orange County’s Sister Cities include Las Heras, Argentina; Quindío, Colombia; Hart van Brabant, Netherlands; Medellín, Colombia; Taizhou, China.

Las HerasLas Heras, Argentina
MedellínMedellín, Colombia

Directory of Consulates

Consuls represent their respective countries in the area. They are the central point of contact for all trade, cultural and diplomatic liaison between their country and the local community. Directory of Consulates.

Central Florida International Trade Office

In November 2013, Orange County Government, JP Morgan Chase, and the National Entrepreneur Center (NEC) announced the new Central Florida International Trade Office (CFITO), which provides a central point for connecting the global trading community to local companies and supports small businesses who wish to export through partnerships and resources. This one-year pilot program was made possible by a $65,000 contribution from Orange County and a dollar-per-dollar matching grant from JP Morgan Chase.

The creation of CFITO will enable Orange County companies to tap into key trading markets and expand their export endeavors by improving the efficiency of routing and directing inquiries by potential international trading partners. CFITO will also streamline the process for foreign investors to connect with a local partner who can best assist them in establishing operations in our region.

As of 2016, Florida’s total merchandise trade exceeded $143 billion, with $3.1 billion originating from the Orlando–Kissimmee–Sanford region

The Central Florida International Trade Office is located at the National Entrepreneur Center.


The future of Orange County is filled with opportunity as we continue to drive smart economic growth as one of the highest performing regions in the world.

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