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Records: Public Records Requests

Public record requests can be submitted through the Orange County Public Record Unit at Please review the below information carefully for additional information regarding accessing records from Orange County Fire Rescue (OCFRD).


If you are an attorney’s office and need to request information on your client’s behalf, you may direct your request to Be sure to include authorization of release and/or subpoena without deposition. Requests cannot be processed without the proper release authority. OCFRD will direct your request to Sharecare, formerly Bactes, for review, process and potential release.

OCFRD contracts with Sharecare, in an effort to best ensure the protection of an individual’s PHI (protected health information), as well as maintain the highest standards of HIPPA compliance.

Information will not be released to outside parties, unless ALL criteria has been met.

Records provided through Sharecare include:

  • Medical transport information
  • Invoice for transport services

For any updates on the status of a request, please reach out directly to Sharecare. OCFRD does not provide updates regarding the status of a Sharecare request, unless the party is listed as a John or Jane Doe.

For Law Offices Checking On The Status of a Records Request:
*You will need your client’s name and date of birth to check the status on the Sharecare Portal.


Individuals requesting records related to self:
If you are an individual and would like to request information please submit your request through Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation number associated with your request.

Please allow 14 calendar days for your request to be complete. More complex requests may take longer. Some requests may prompt an estimated cost of service, which will be provided prior to the start of the work.

Orange County Fire Rescue can provide individuals with:

  • Fire reports
  • EMS/Medical transport reports
  • OCFRD standard public records and reports
  • 911 calls dispatched to OCFRD which are retained up to one year

If you are requesting records regarding your own medical transport/EMS report, OCFRD requires you to complete the County-approved HIPAA Authorization of Release form, prior to releasing the records. Please review the instructions for submission prior to sending to OCFR. This form must be notarized in order to be considered valid and can be returned via email to

Records listed under a Jane Doe, or incorrect information gathered at the time of transport, may take additional time to research.


If you are an insurance company requesting an incident report related to a house or car fire, etc., please utilize and include the date of incident and location.


For parties seeking an invoice related to transport services, or questions regarding an OCFRD invoice please reach out to our authorized vendor, Digitech. If the date of service was on or before 9/30/21, please call 1-888-987-0840 or to access your account or make an online payment - If the date of service was on or after 10/1/21, please call 1-855-313-6045 or to access your account or make an online payment -


Orange County Fire Rescue Record’s Department accepts subpoenas via process server or certified mail. Subpoenas for Deposition not received through a process server or certified mail may be returned to sender.  Subpoenas sent via certified mail or process server are accepted at:

Orange County Fire Rescue Headquarters
C/O Records Custodian
6590 Amory Court
Winter Park, FL 32792

General Information Contact:

Phone: 407-836-9050

To submit a public record request:


Mail: Orange County Government Office of Professional Standards Public Records Unit,
450 East South Street, Suite 360 Orlando, FL 32801

Phone: 407-836-5400

Fax: Orange County Government Public Records Unit 407-836-5399

In person: Orange County Government Office of Professional Standards Public Records Unit,
450 East South Street, Suite 360 Orlando, FL 32801