Drug Free Coalition

Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals

  1. Prevention – Stopping Use Before It Starts.
  2. Enforcement – Aggressively Attacking Unlawful Drug Activity.
  3. Treatment and Recovery – Getting Treatment Resources where they are needed.

Guiding Principles

  1. Be comprehensive, integrated and balanced in the areas of enforcement, prevention, and treatment.
  2. Focus on the vital role of families, friends, businesses, faith, and communities as they pertain to the problem and solution.
  3. Maximize strong prevention approaches, including the involvement of your people.
  4. Be researched based, measurable and accountable for performance.
  5. Be built upon strong sustained leadership and be long term in nature.
  6. Utilize the power of the media.
  7. Utilize the community leaders as examples.
  8. Focus on positive and healthy lifestyles.
  9. Ensure all citizens see themselves as part of the solution.

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