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Orange Blossom Trail Local Government Neighborhood Improvement District

Special District with fiscal year October 1 through September 30


Orange Blossom Trail Local Government Neighborhood Improvement District

The most commonly used name of the special district: “Orange Blossom Trail NID”


To help develop safe neighborhoods; to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of these areas and their inhabitants, visitors, property owners, and workers; to establish, maintain, and preserve property values and preserve and foster the development of attractive neighborhood and business environments.


  • The boundaries are included in ordinance 90-24 (See Resources)
  • 3058.2 acres


This is a dependent special district, and presented as a blended component unit of Orange County Government.

The safe neighborhood districts are funded by fines imposed under Florida Statute 775.083. The fine is fifty dollars ($50.00) for a felony and twenty dollars ($20.00) for any other offense. The funds collected from are accounted for in a separate Orange County fund designated as the "Crime Prevention Fund".


Vanessa Pinkney
Director, Orange Blossom Trail Development Board, Inc.
2719 S Orange Blossom Trail,
Orlando, FL 32805
Phone: (407) 855-1705