Glossary of Terms

Orange County Permitting Services

Basic Wind Speed Design Criteria

Basic wind speed, wind exposure, applicable internal pressure coefficient, components and cladding per FBCR 301.

Building Permit Application

Applications for Building Permits may be applied for online at This electronic portal will guide applicants through the process and request all information as required by state statute and local ordinances and code. 


Written, graphic and pictorial documents prepared or assembled for describing the design, location and physical characteristics of the elements of a project necessary for obtaining a building permit. FBC 202.

Construction Plans

Architectural drawings, floor plans, elevations and detail specifications used to assemble, erect or build a structure.

Cooler/Freezer Specifications

Provide manufacturer’s specifications indicating flame spread less than 75 and smoke developed less than 450 to comply with the Florida Building Code.

Elevation Drawings

Drawings showing the intended object upright, as if on observer were looking at the object.

Florida Energy
Efficiency Calculations

The Florida Building Code requires energy calculations for all newly constructed commercial and residential buildings, additions and renovations. The energy calculations ensure that these structures meet a minimum standard of energy efficiency, adequate thermal resistance and low air leakage. Manual J calculations are used to properly size and design the HVAC system.

Fire Flow Calculations

The flow rate of a water supply that is available for fire fighting. These calculations are required on new commercial construction and are reviewed by the Office of the Fire Marshal.

Inspection Record

Card issued by the Division of Building Safety when a Building Permit is issued. The card identifies the permit number, type of work permitted and the job site address. Sub-permits associated with the Building Permit are also listed on the card. Inspections are noted and dated on the card. This card must be displayed outside, on the job site, protected from the weather while being visible from the street until all final inspections have been approved.

Installation Details and Product Approval

Required by Florida Statute 553.842 and Florida Administrative Code 9B-72m for product evaluation and approval. Provide a copy of the manufacturer’s installation details and the Florida Product Approval number or Miami/Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA). Florida approved products are listed online at the Florida Building webpage or may be obtained from the local product supplier.

Manual J Load

Manual J - air conditioning contractor or licensed Florida engineer (as required by Florida State Statute 471) shall submit a nationally recognized method based air conditioning system sizing calculation at the time of permit application.

Notice of

Required by Florida Statute 713.13 for any improvement valued greater than $2,500.00. The Notice of Commencement (PDF) shall be filed with the Orange County Recording Department, and a certified copy must be given to the Orange County Division of Building Safety before the first inspection.

Other Departments or Divisions

Although Orange County building permits are predominately reviewed by Zoning and Building Safety, other Departments or Divisions may require review. For additional information, please see requirements of other Departments or Divisions.

  • Architectural/Lighting
  • Concurrency Management
  • Development Engineering Division
  • Division of Building Safety
  • Environmental Protection Division (EPD)
  • Impact Fee
  • Landscaping/Arborist
  • Official Records Department
  • Orange County Health Department
  • Planning Division
  • Public Works Department
  • Stormwater Management Division
  • Transportation Planning
  • Utilities Department
  • Utilities Customer Service
  • Zoning Division

Owner’s Estimated

Overall estimated cost of the proposed construction. This value is required to be written on the Building Permit application.

Permit Number

The Permit Number is issued by the Division of Building Safety to identify a specific activity. All inspections, records and documentation are linked to individual permit numbers.

Plans Coordination

Plans Coordination, (407) 836-5760, processes all paperwork and construction documentation submitted in conjunction with a Commercial Building Permit.


Commercial buildings require a pre-demolition inspection prior to issuance of a Demolition Permit. Building area calculations are verified to assist the customer in obtaining impact fee (PDF) credits for new construction.

Ranger Drainage


Ranger Drainage District lot grading permit is required for construction within the RDD jurisdiction of Rocket City, Wedgefield and Cape Orlando Estates.

Scope of Work

Narrative to describe the intention and extent of the proposed construction submitted for permit.

Site Plan

A site plan is a top view of a property that is drawn to scale, describing how a parcel of land is to be improved. It includes the outlines of all structures and site improvements, such as driveways, parking lots, landscaping, and utility connections. Depending on the scope of the work, see the detailed requirements of the permitting divisions or agencies. At a minimum the site plan shall contain the following information:

For any proposed building or structure, accessory building or structure, or fence, boat dock, or boat ramp, the building official shall require a site plan drawn to scale. The site plan shall show:

  • All property lines;
  • All road rights-of-way;
  • All easements;
  • The location of the proposed building or structure, accessory building or structure, or fence, boat dock, or boat ramp, including all setbacks;
  • The location of all existing buildings or structures, including proposed additions thereto;
  • The location of the Normal High Water (NHW) line of all adjacent water bodies;
  • The lot grading plan; and
  • The location of any septic tank and drain field

The above-mentioned features and items must be depicted on the site plan so that Orange County may determine whether the site plan complies with county ordinances and regulations.


Permits issued to sub-contractors, such as Electrical (PDF), Gas (PDF), Mechanical (PDF), Plumbing (PDF) and Roofing (PDF), often required in conjunction with a Building Permit.

Use Permit

A use permit is issued to generate a Certificate of Occupancy which allows a business to occupy a specific building or section of a building.