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This page explains the basic requirements for submitting a permit application for new residential building construction. This page provides links to guides and other resources to assist customers with the online permitting process.

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How to Apply

Please submit all required plans and documentation as part of your permit application using Orange County’s Fast Track Online Services permitting portal. Before you get started, please refer to the One-Stop Permitting Guide for information about the application process, review the Residential Plan Review Checklist and visit the Fast Track Training Hub and download the User Guide.

Fast Track Online Permitting Services

New Residential Building Permit

Minimum Submission Requirements for Residential Building New Construction.  


  • View the One-Stop Permitting Process Guide
  • Often residential building permits require review by other Departments or Divisions, depending upon specific, individual conditions or circumstances. 
  • Once the Building permit has been issued, sub permits applicable to the project such as roofing, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, gas, irrigation, will be listed on the permit and are required to be obtained. For more information contact or call 407-836-5550



  1. Site plan or Survey showing the location of the proposed structure. For questions on the requirements for a site plan/plot plan/survey, contact zoning at or call 407-836-3111. 
  2. Lot Grading/Drainage Plan and finished floor elevation. 
  3. Construction Plans prepared by a Florida Licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect in accordance with the most current Residential Florida Building Code. 
    • All documents shall be properly signed, dated and sealed for the required method of submittal. 
  4.  Construction Documents 
  5. When applicable, Energy Calculations, ACCA manuals J, S, D and Energy Performance Level (EPL) display card are required when installing HVAC equipment. 
    • When installing or modifying ductwork, a mechanical duct layout is required. 
  6. When applicable, Truss engineering prepared by a Florida Licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect are required and must be submitted as part of the initial plan review. 
    • All documents shall be properly signed, dated and sealed for the required method of submittal 
    • A truss layout provided by the truss manufacturer is required to be submitted. This layout is not required to be signed and sealed but must match the roof framing plans provided by the design professional of record.
  7. A Completed Orange County Product Approval Specification Sheet. 
    • Note: Approved installation details and screen shots for all products listed below are NO LONGER required to be submitted for plan review. However, you are required to have the approved installation details on the jobsite for inspection. Failure to do so will result in a failed inspection. If the applicant chooses to submit the installation details and instructions with the screen prints,  the documents will be stamped as a part of your approved plan set reducing the risk of a failed inspection for not having the required documents available onsite for inspection. 


Manufactured (Mobile) Homes

Container Homes

Complete detailed plans of the structure signed and sealed by a structural engineer licensed in Florida, showing how the containers are constructed, specifying all components and connections.

The owner or contractor is required to retain a third party licensed engineer to inspect the welds and any other steel connections or obtain Local product approval meeting the requirements of Florida Statute 553.8425.

Inspection Requirements

Inspections are required for all permits. For additional information, refer to the inspection record provided upon permit issuance for a list of inspection types that may be required for your project.  For additional questions, please contact 407-836-5550 and request to speak to a Building Inspections Team Member. Use Fast Track to schedule and manage inspections online. To learn more, please visit the Fast Track Video Resources

A passed "290 Final Inspection" is required in order for the permit status to change to complete. Failure to schedule and pass a Final Inspection within the allowed time will result in the permit Expiring. Additional expense to reinstate/replace the permit and possibly updated plans and documentation may be required. 

Permit Issuance

A licensed contractor will be required to accept permit issuance. An owner-builder may act as Contractor under Exemption to F.S. 489.103(7)(a).

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