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Plumbing Permits

Submission requirements and instructions


  1. Complete and submit an application for a Plumbing Permit on Fast Track. See the Fast Track Training Videos for detailed instructions.
  2. Homeowners doing their own work are required to complete an Owner Builder Disclosure Statement. Please view the Owner-Builder Online Permitting instructions.
  3. If value of work exceeds $2,500, a Notice of Commencement is required.
  4. The following information is required for permit issuance:
    • Building Class: New or Old.
    • Type of Building: Residential, Commercial or Mobile Home.
    • Type of Work: New, Alteration, Addition, or Repair.
    • If new construction or addition, we need to know the building permit number.
    • How many fixtures are being installed?
      • On plumbing application a water closet sink; sink is for kitchen or laundry.
    • If obtaining an irrigation permit, how many heads are being installed?
      • A second (2nd) meter for irrigation permit can be combined with the irrigation permit or obtained as a stand-alone permit where irrigation has already been installed.
    • Stand-alone permits are issued for pools, spas, solar, irrigation, re-pipes, trailer connection or water heater change-outs.
  5. Application is reviewed for compliance.
  6. If application information is complete and approved and all applicable fee payments were completed on Fast Track, the plumbing permit is issued to property owner or contractor and emailed to the contact information listed on the Fast Track permit application.


Fee Schedule. 

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