Residential Construction

New or Addition


  1. Complete and submit an application for a building permit.
  2. Application is reviewed by the Zoning Division for compliance with the zoning district regulations.
  3. For approved applications the plans are stamped and the application is forwarded to the Division of Building Safety for their review and permit issuance. For unapproved applications, the issues preventing approval will be discussed with the applicant and either the application can be amended/ corrected or the applicant may choose to apply for a variance from the Code requirements.
  4. For Division of Building Safety requirements, see New Residential Structure Permit.

Required Tools

  • Building Permit Application.
  • Complete Address.
  • Complete Legal Description.
  • Parcel identification number.
  • Two (2) certified site plans drawn to scale including the following information:
    • All property lines.
    • Road rights-of-way.
    • All easements.
    • All existing structures.
    • Location of existing and proposed structures, including all distances to property lines and other structures.
  • Two (2) copies of construction plans (drawn to scale) which must include the following for zoning review:
    • Foundation plan.
    • Floor plan.
    • Electrical/plumbing plan, if applicable.
    • Elevation drawings.
  • Chapter 38 of the Code.


  • Zoning Fee $33 for new construction and $31 for additions. (Additional fees will be assessed by the Division of Building Safety.) Refer to fee schedule.

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