Sign Permit


  1. Submit two (2) sets of documentation, as applicable, to Zoning to begin the permanent sign permit process.
  2. Zoning shall indicate approval on the site plan and construction plans.
  3. Application and construction documents are reviewed for compliance with the Florida Building Code by the Division of Building Safety.
  4. An approved set of the construction documents are stamped by Residential Plans Review to be available in the field for all County inspections.
  5. Permit fees are paid to the Cashier.
  6. The Building permit number is issued. Inspection Record card, stamped construction documents and payment receipt are returned to applicant.
  7. Sub-permits may be required, which are then linked to the Building Permit for record purposes.

Required Tools

  • Permanent Sign Application shall be approved by Zoning.
    • The owners estimated value must be written on the front of the application.
    • Page 2 of the Building Permit Application must be filled out completely when the estimated value exceeds $2,500.
    • The Notice of Commencement (NOC) form, if value of job is over the amount of $2,500.
    • Name and address of the owner of the proposed sign.
    • Name of the owner of the parcel on which the proposed sign is to be located.
  • Notarized Letter of Authorization from the property owner
  • Two (2) site plans approved by Zoning
  • Two (2) sets of construction documents prepared by an Architect or Engineer, registered in the State of Florida,
  • The following supporting documents shall be attached to the plans:
    • Installation details (shall clearly specify the method of securing the sign to the existing structure or the construction of the sign).
    • Two (2) copies of dimensioned elevation drawings (drawn to scale) which must include the following:
      • Calculations of copy area
      • Proposed Sign Height
      • Ground clearance of all proposed and existing ground and/or pole signs
      • Proposed source of illumination for all proposed and/or existing signs
  • Additional Information:
    • Billboard signs will require a permit receipt copy of the Florida Department of Transportation tag number (s).
    • Mall Sign applications will require certified installation documents. The installation details shall clearly specify the method of securing the sign to the existing structure of the construction of the sign. These documents shall be properly signed, sealed and dated by a state registered Architect or Engineer
    • Temporary Signs do not require certified drawings (signed, sealed and dated by a state registered Architect or Engineer).
    • Wall Signs that are painted or vinyl signage do not require structural certification.
  • A licensed contractor will be required for this project.


Fee Schedule.

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