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Headline 4: New wetland permitting procedures are in effect June 1, 2024. If you need assistance please email us at wetlandpermitting@ocfl.net or call 407-836-1402.

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Parcels that contain wetlands and/or surface waters may require a Wetland Determination prior to development. This process will determine the extent of the wetlands and/or surface waters that are onsite.


  1. Complete and submit a Wetland Determination Application Form.
    • Application can be emailed to WetlandPermitting@ocfl.net OR mailed, delivered, or faxed to Orange County Environmental Protection Division (EPD), 3165 McCrory Place, Suite 200 Orlando, Florida 32803. Fax: (407) 836-1499.
    • Include all required attachments listed in the "Supporting Details" section of the application.
  2. Within 30 days of receipt, EPD staff will review the application. During this time, staff will coordinate with either the applicant or applicant's agent for a site inspection.
  3. Following the site visit, staff will issue a delineation agreement letter verifying the absence or presence and approximate extent of wetlands and surface waters within the parcel(s). (If staff determine that no wetlands or surface waters exist onsite, a final Wetland Determination will be issued to complete the process.)
  4. If EPD staff determined that wetlands and/or surface waters exist within the parcel(s), the applicant shall then submit a special purpose survey depicting the parcel boundary and any identified wetlands and/or surface waters within the parcel(s). The applicant shall also submit an electronic shapefile depicting the wetlands and/or surface waters within the parcel(s).
  5. Upon receipt of the above survey and shapefile, EPD will issue the final Wetland Determination.
  6. Wetland Determination are valid for five (5) years, provided physical conditions on the parcel do not change per Section 15-382(d).


  • Wetland Determination (<10 Acres) $1,110.00
  • Wetland Determination (10 to <40 Acres) $1,771.00
  • Wetland Determination (40 to <100 Acres) $2,524.00
  • Wetland Determination (over 100 Acres) $3,414.00
  • Wetland Determination (each additional acre over first 100 acres) $10.60
  • After-The-Fact Wetland Determination (in addition to applicable fees above) $829.00

Contact Us

Environment Protection Division
3165 McCrory Place, Suite 200
Orlando, FL 32803

Email: wetlandpermitting@ocfl.net
Phone: (407) 836-1402
Fax: (407) 836-1499

All e-mail sent to this address becomes part of Orange County public record. Comments received by our e-mail subsystem can be read by anyone who requests that privilege. In compliance with "Government in the Sunshine" laws, Orange County Government must make available, at request, any and all information not deemed a threat to the security of law enforcement agencies and personnel.