Orange County Government, Florida

Emergency Debris Removal

The clean up following an emergency or disaster

Debris Management Clean-up

County workers are skilled in managing debris following a major emergency situation. Our storm history provides us with considerable experience in planning, logistics, and debris clean-up operations. We’re prepared for any emergency.

Safety Comes First

As soon as it is safe, we send crews out to assess and report back where emergency debris clean-up is needed.

  • Debris will first be removed from public right-of-way to allow safe passage of emergency vehicles.
  • County emergency crews will prioritize clean-up to focus on those areas causing any threat to citizen lives, public health and safety.

Watch for Announcements

Citizens are encouraged to stay home until the news media reports otherwise. Announcements concerning debris clean-up will be made on television, the newspaper, this website, local radio, and County Facebook and Twitter pages.

CALL 311

Report any concerns you may have regarding debris management following an emergency to 311.

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