Innovation Way

Preliminary Design Study (PDS)


Orange County Government has initiated a Preliminary Design Study (PDS) for the recommended alignment for the Innovation Way roadway extension from Moss Park Road to the proposed Sunbridge Parkway (Approximate Length: 4.5 miles).


The purpose of the study is to assess and recommend roadway improvements anticipated to improve safety and traffic flow in the area. The study considers the social and environmental impacts of adding travel lanes and other features such as, but not limited to, drainage conveyance and treatment improvements, sidewalks, raised medians, lighting, landscaping and intersection improvements.


The study is anticipated to be completed during 2022.

Public Involvement

One community meeting will be held during the study at locations in or near the study area and two public hearings will be conducted to elicit additional public input. Newsletters will be mailed to nearby property owners at certain milestones to inform them of the project. The County is also available to hold small group meetings during the planning phase at the request of interested parties.

Meeting Cancelled

Innovation Way South Moss — Park Road to Sunbridge Parkway Preliminary Design Study
Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing

The Orange County Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing for the Innovation Way Preliminary Design Study, John Wycliffe Boulevard to the Sunbridge Parkway scheduled on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, at the Orange County Administration Center, located at 201 S. Rosalind Ave., Orlando, Florida has been canceled and will be held at a later date. An additional newsletter and newspaper ads will be provided to announce the new hearing date and details.

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