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Ponce's Crystal Sphere

 - Warren Carther
Window/Panel (INTERIOR)

Orange County Convention Center

About the Artwork

This massive piece of carved, laminated and dichroic glass towers sits over the escalators at the southern end of the Westwood lobby. The dichroic glass absorbs one color spectrum and transmits another. Created in 2003, PONCE’S CRYSTAL SPHERE, is a 27 foot x 15 foot carved glass wall by Canadian artist Warren Carther. The large work fills the southern end of the Orange County Convention Center’s voluminous atrium. The deeply carved glass, that is almost 2 inches thick in places, incorporates multiple laminations of glass, mirror, dichroic glass and applied color. The dichroic glass that is utilized in sections of the piece is a material originally developed by NASA. It has the ability to reflect one color and transmit another. This gives certain areas of the piece the ability to shift the perceived color in the glass as the light changes throughout the day. The various elements within the design have literal and allegorical intentions. Carther explores the relationship between Florida’s natural world and that of it’s high-tech industries. The title, PONCE’S CRYSTAL SPHERE came as a result of the artist’s musings of what 15th century Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de Leon might have thought of modern day Florida, had he possessed a crystal ball during his travels to Florida.

About the Artist

Warren Carther
With huge glass features in airports, institutions and homes across the globe, Carther’s early inspiration is seen from his memories of the Rocky Mountains suddenly rising from the plains as his family motored Westward. In 1974 we was struck with a desire to learn the art of glass blowing and studied briefly in New York before attending the California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC) under Marvin Lipofsky. Diochroic glass is favored in his current pieces for the way, when laminated between a base layer of glass and a carved layer, it picks up the subtleties of his carvings. Carther has installed numerous glass artworks worldwide. Locations of some of his most noteworthy are: The Canadian Embassy, Tokyo; Charles de Galle Airport, Paris; The Anchorage International Airport, Anchorage; and Lincoln House, Hong Kong. The later project is one of the largest glass art projects in the world. It weights 25 tons.

Did you know?

The tallest sculpture of a human figure is the minimalist William King sculpture of three figures looking to the sky at the Orlando airport. The tallest is 40 feet tall!

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