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Where there's smoke there's air pollution Campfire

Social Media & Press Template Tool Kit - Call to Action

Purpose of this toolkit

  • To introduce partner organizations and advocates to the “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Air Pollution” campaign and #CleanAir.
  • To help drive engagement and action among their supporters via social media platforms such as Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram, as well as their newsletter.

How can you help:

Social Media and Newsletter:

  1. Download a campaign image by right-clicking and saving it to your desktop.
  2. Copy and paste one of the sample messages or articles below into your social media (Facebook, X and Instagram) and your organization’s newsletter.
  3. Upload the campaign image saved to your desktop to accompany the message or article.
  4. Share with your followers and/or subscribers and encourage others to join the “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Air Pollution” conversation.


  • During the Fall and Spring

Sample Social Media Posts

Optional Campaign Banners:

Residential open burning is restricted in Orange County because it produces smoke that is harmful to our health. Vegetative debris should be set at the curb for yard waste pick up, never burned. Burning yard debris and landscaping material is restricted in Orange County.