Reams Road


Reams Road will be widened from a two to four-lane roadway, from Summerlake Park Boulevard to Taborfield Avenue.

A 5-foot-wide sidewalk is located on the south side of the roadway, and a 14-foot-wide multiuse trail will be located along the north side of the roadway. The project will incorporate drainage improvements, lighting, and landscaping along the roadway corridor.


Reams Road is being widened to improve the level of service, enhance traffic operations, and improve safety along the corridor.


Final design began in April 2020, and will be in general accordance with the Roadway Conceptual Analysis completed in 2018. This project will require additional right-of-way for roadway and storm water improvements.

Public Involvement

Newsletters will be distributed at the following three (3) milestones:

  • At the beginning of the design phase.
  • At the start of the right-of-way acquisition process.
  • When the project is advertised for construction.

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