Taft-Vineland Road


The Taft-Vineland Road project limits range from approximately 800 feet west of State Road 500/U.S. Highway 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) to approximately 1,000 feet east of Orange Avenue.

The project will consist of widening the existing two-lane rural roadway to a four-lane, divided urban roadway west of the above-grade bridge crossing with Florida’s Turnpike, and to a five-lane, undivided urban roadway east of the bridge crossing.

Stormwater Management will be provided by wet detention facilities.

The County has entered into an agreement with Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) to widen the existing bridge over the Turnpike. The widening of the bridge will start in November 2016 under FTE 411406-1-52-01.

The Taft-Vineland Road plans will be divided into two separate sections. Section 1 will consist of the proposed improvements from west of Orange Blossom Trail to east of the Turnpike bridge, while Section 2 will consist of the improvements from the east of the Turnpike bridge to east of Orange Avenue.


Taft-Vineland Road is being widened to improve the level of service and promote safety at its intersections with connecting roadways and along its alignment.


Project is under design.

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