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District Nine Medical Examiner's Office


The District Nine Medical Examiner’s Office consists of a chief medical examiner, associate medical examiners, medicolegal investigators, forensic technicians, and administrative support staff.

Medical Examiner

A medical examiner is a physician with a medical degree with specialized training and board certification in pathology and specialized training in forensic pathology (the sub specialty of pathology and medicine dealing with sudden and/or unnatural deaths).

Typical job functions include:

  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding the deaths that fall under the medical examiner’s jurisdiction.
  • Perform autopsies and external examinations.
  • Order or complete needed lab tests and review results.
  • Determine cause and manner of death.
  • Complete death certificate and compile all findings into a report.

While medical examiners are assisted by law enforcement personnel, findings and decisions are independent of law enforcement agencies. Medical examiners may testify to their findings and opinions at depositions and criminal trials.


Typical job functions include:

  • Receive initial death notification calls and determine which cases fall under the jurisdiction of the ME Office.
  • Respond to and investigate death scenes to gather information on the circumstance of death. Prepare such information for a medical examiner to review.
  • Gather appropriate medical records and further pertinent information at medical examiner’s request.

Staff typically has a degree in criminal justice and/or experience with conducting investigations.

Forensic Technician

Typical job functions include:

  • Receive and prepare bodies for autopsy.
  • Assist medical examiner with autopsy.
  • Help collect evidence and specimens.
  • Prepare body for funeral home pick up.
  • Package and track evidence removed from decedent.

Forensic Technicians often have educational knowledge of human anatomy and experience working in a hospital, surgical, pathology, or funeral home setting.

Administrative Staff

A variety of necessary office functions are completed by the administrative team such as typing death certificates, transcribing medical examiner autopsy reports, releasing public records, processing cremation approvals, coordinating the activities of the medical examiners, ordering supplies and ensuring both the medical examiner and county policies and procedures are followed.

Employment at the District Nine Medical Examiner’s Office, including vacancies and job descriptions, is handled by Orange County Human Resources Division.

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