Medical Services FAQ

How do I provide or get medical equipment to someone in jail

Corrections Health Services provides most medical equipment. There are times specialized equipment needs to be brought from home. After contacting Case Management ((407) 254-7561) and letting them know of your family member’s equipment needs, you will be directed to bring the medical equipment to the Booking and Release Center (BRC) Public Lobby. A staff member will meet you and take the equipment for your family member’s use.

How do I notify someone about a medical or mental health condition

You may email us at or call. You may be directed to voice mail. However, we return all calls within one business day.

May I bring in my family member's prescriptions

Corrections Health Services Does Not allow outside prescriptions to be brought in unless it is a specialized medication that is not routinely provided. We have an onsite pharmacy and we do provide most medications.

What happens if my family member is hospitalized

Should your family member need hospitalization while incarcerated, it will be provided by one of our local hospitals.

How do I obtain medical records after release

  • Medical Release ROI You will need to print and fill out the form completely.
    • You can fax that form to our medical records department at (407) 836-3241 or mail it to the address on the top of the form.
    • Upon the receipt of a properly completed form, you will be notified when your records are ready for pick-up; this process does take a minimum of 10 business days.

Medical Records are picked up in the Booking and Release Center Public Lobby. You will need your picture ID to claim records.

Will you use our regular physician

    Private physicians Do Not have privileges at Orange County Corrections. We are staffed with Physicians, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants.

How will you know if my family member has a medical condition

    Upon being booked into Orange County Jail, a medical screening is completed to identify medical and mental health needs and concerns.

  • Incarcerated individuals will receive a physical assessment and have an additional opportunity to identify their medical and mental health needs to the medical staff.
  • Incarcerated individuals also have access to medical and mental health staff 24/7 should there be any changes during their stay at Orange County Jail.

Contact Us

For Health care inquires we may be contacted via phone and email

Please note:
Medical information will not be given to family or friends due to Federal and State privacy laws. The patient may give medical updates and the medical staff will accept medical and mental health information via the medication / medical information form. In order to obtain medical information, the inmate must sign a release of information designating you, by name and phone number, as the party authorized to receive his or her medical information.