Identity Theft

Don't be a victim

Stay Safe

  • Mail your checks only at the post office or a Post Office mailbox.
  • Tear up pre-approved credit card offers, receipts, or tax information.
  • Never give out your credit card number over the telephone.
  • Don't use your social security number or birth date for a PIN.
  • Memorize all your passwords.
  • Protect your Social security number, do not print it on your checks.

If It Happens To You

  • Call the police immediately and get a copy of the police report.
  • Get replacement cards with new account numbers.
  • Call the three reporting credit bureaus.
  • Notify your bank and get new account numbers.
  • Put a stop payment on all outstanding checks.
  • Get a new ATM card, account number and password.
  • Call your telephone and utilities.
  • Change your driver's license number if used as identification on bad checks.
  • Send by certified mail, and keep copies of letters and documents.

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