Event Toolkit


Neighborhood events are the best way to build a sense of community in your neighborhood and help build participation in your neighborhood organization.

The purpose of a neighborhood gathering is to rekindle friendships, welcome new neighbors, learn about neighborhood history and more.

Here are some ideas:

  • Block party
  • Backyard BBQ
  • Bake sale
  • Spaghetti supper
  • Invite the neighbors in for dessert
  • Organize a picnic at the local school
  • Organize a cookie exchange
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Bingo Breakfast
  • Yard/garage sale
  • Taste of the neighborhood
  • Kids performance/play
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Games – ultimate Frisbee, basketball, etc.
  • Game night (cards or board games)
  • Neighborhood-wide yard or garage sales - Requires permit
  • Arts & crafts festival
  • Holiday Caroling
  • Holiday lighting contest
  • Most improved yard contest
  • Food drive
  • July 4th celebration
  • Outdoor film festival
  • Neighborhood clean-up day
  • Voters registration drive
  • Paint a neighborhood mural
  • Crime walk - walk to gather with flashlights and bright clothing
  • Fireproof Your Landscape 

Follow these simple steps when organizing an event:

  • Share ideas & select an event.
  • Appoint an event chairperson.
  • Set up a committee to organize the event.
  • Define committee tasks and budget.
  • Develop a timetable.
  • Recruit volunteers.
  • Seek neighborhood sponsors and partners.
  • Get the word out - give advance notice to residents.
  • Find a well-known, accessible neighborhood location.
  • Pay attention to County regulations about block parties or public gatherings.
  • Get the appropriate county neighborhood event permits.
  • Select activities to help neighbors meet & greet one another.
  • At the event, gather people's contact information & interests.
  • Have fun meeting your neighbors.
  • Follow up – figure out what did or did not work.
  • Remember to say thank you to everyone who helped.

National Neighborhood Day

National Neighborhood Day takes place once a year on the third Sunday in September. Orange County and the City of Orlando recognize National Neighborhood Day together.

Find out more and get ideas, forms, and resources to organize a neighborhood event. And please let us know about your event.

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