Seidel Road Construction

Approximately 1,200 feet east of SR 429 to Summerlake Park Boulevard


In 1995 Orange County approved the framework for the Horizon West sector plan, a development model based on a collection of villages. Each village is designed to be a self-contained community, promoting connectivity between land uses and pedestrian environments. The Horizon West plan is currently planned with five (5) villages and a Town Center. Furthermore, to promote the goals of mixed land use and multimodal connectivity Orange County in 1997 adopted the Adequate Public Facilities (APF) Ordinance, which specifies the need for such connectivity measures as roadway networks, storm water management, utilities, etc.

Project Description

Seidel Road is proposed as a four (4) lane divided roadway within a 110-foot right-of-way and is anticipated to operate as the main collector through Village “F”. Construction on the two (2) northbound lanes to Summerlake Blvd are To Be Determined (TBD)

What to Expect During Construction

  • Lots of construction barrels and traffic barriers
  • Expect crews working along entire project limits
  • Speed limit change & other temporary signage
  • Travel lane shifts, uneven pavement, temporary pavement markings & reflectors
  • Construction vehicles entering/leaving zone
  • Side street visibility
  • New traffic signal and signal upgrades

Orange County will have on-site roadway inspector during construction. The inspector communicates issues and solutions between Highway Construction Division, the contractor & the traveling public. Normal hours of construction: 7:00am to 6:00pm

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