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Home for Life

Mayor Teresa Jacobs’ $300 million initiative, INVEST in Our Home for Life, begins a series of projects across Orange County that will provide long-term benefits to our citizens. Announced during Mayor Jacobs’ 2015 State of the County Address, INVEST in Our Home for Life will provide Infrastructure, New public safety facilities, Vibrant neighborhoods and affordable family housing, Enhanced recreation opportunities, Safety improvements for pedestrians, and Transportation connectivity throughout Orange County.


Thanks to conservative budgeting exercised by the Board of County Commissioners and an improving economy, Orange County will use existing resources to fund INVEST in Our Home for Life. This is made possible by leveraging improved sales tax collections from Orange County’s record-breaking tourism market, as well as increasing economic activity throughout the region. A combination of Orange County’s high credit rating, historically low interest rates and the rising cost of construction make this the best time to invest in long-term infrastructure and public safety needs.


INVEST in Our Home for Life is allocated as follows:

Roadway Improvements - $200 million
  • New roadways or expansion of existing roadways that will relieve traffic congestion throughout Orange County.
Fire Rescue Projects - $30 million
  • Construction of three (3) new fire stations.
  • New and replacement fire apparatus and equipment.
  • Partnership funding for a regional training center
Commission District Projects - $30 million
  • One-time projects with minimal operating impacts to be identified in consultation with District Commissioners. $5 million per district.
Parks Projects - $20 million
  • Construction and enhancement of parks and recreational facilities countywide.
Intersection & Pedestrian Safety Improvements - $15 million
  • Intersection improvements that include enhancing sidewalks, crosswalks, signals, turn lanes, updated signage.
Housing Initiatives - $5 million
  • Funding directed at further promoting the development of affordable family housing.

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