Floodplain Permit


  1. Complete Floodplain Permit application in Fast Track.

    Instructions for Fast Track:
    • Go to Fast Track www.fasttrack.ocfl.net
    • Click on the Login Dashboard,
    • Fill in login and password,
    • Click on the Apply for Permits dashboard (Apply for Permits button)

      Flood Zone Determination SWD A flood zone determination is used to determine whether your property resides in a flood zone.
      Flood Zone Permitting SWP Permits required for development occurring within FEMA desginated floodplain.

    • Keep in mind that all fields with an asterisk are mandatory when filling out your Fast Track applications.

  2. The application is reviewed for compliance with County regulations by the FloodPlain Coordinator.
    • If the subject property is determined to be in a floodplain, then the applicant is directed to contact Stormwater Management Floodplain Coordinator at (407) 836-5612 to discuss the options.
  3. Applications determined to be in a floodplain area, an invoice is issued. You will receive an email on how to pay the permit’s invoice of $42.00 in Fast Track with a credit card and then you will receive the permit.
    • Floodplain Permit applications determined to be out of a floodplain area will be voided and the applicant will be notified that they do not need a floodplain permit.
  4. The floodplain permit is issued to the property owner or applicant.
  5. The applicant must have a completed FEMA Elevation Certificate by a certified surveyor.
    • A hold is placed on the building permit pending the submission of the FEMA Elevation Certificate to Orange County Floodplain Coordinator once construction is completed to remove the hold.
  6. The floodplain permit expires only when the base flood elevation or proposed work has changed due to FEMA remapping or the underlying land is modified.


Cost of permit is $42.

The 135 inspection will need to be scheduled after the lowest floor has been placed and the first Elevation Certificate has been submitted to the building department. Please contact the Division of Building Safety: (407) 836-5556

Contact Us

For questions, please contact the Floodplain Coordinator:
Phone: (407) 836-5612