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Neighborhood Centers for Families (NCF) are one-stop centers that provide residents with a multitude of valuable services within their communities. Funded by the Orange County Citizens’ Commission for Children, services are offered at 13 locations throughout the County. They offer counseling programs, tutoring, employment skills, case management, senior activities, limited health services, and so much more.

Each NCF is made up of non-profit organizations, government agencies, churches and community groups working together to address the specific needs of the surrounding community. These organizations collaborate to provide intergenerational programs, services and activities that address the needs of the entire family. Most services are offered free of charge.

Each NCF is uniquely designed to address the needs of its surrounding community and offers flexible hours of service in a family-friendly and accessible location. Child care stipends, through Community Coordinated Care for Children, Inc. (4C) are also available for clients who are actively enrolled in services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the Neighborhood Center for Families (NCF)?

    An NCF is a community collaboration made up of non-profits that work together to provide services throughout Orange County.

  • How many NCFs are there?

    There are 13 throughout Orange County. You can find us from Bithlo to Apopka/Zellwood.

  • How do I qualify for services?

    The only qualification is that you are an Orange County Resident. Age restrictions apply for certain programs.

  • How much do services cost?

    Most of our services are free. After-school programs may require a nominal fee. Call the NCF for details.

  • I do not have a Neighborhood Center for Families near my home, can I go to one outside my community?

    Yes! You can go to any or all NCFs to receive services.

  • Is it possible to go to two different NCFs for two different services?


  • What if I’m working during the NCF's operating hours?

    Each NCF offers family-friendly hours of operation. Contact your NCF for details.

  • Does each NCF provide the same services?

    No. Each NCF provides a unique set of services tailored to the specific needs of its surrounding community.

  • English is my second language... do you have staff available who I can speak with?

    Most sites have bilingual staff members. However, you can always call ahead to make sure someone is present at your arrival.

  • If the Neighborhood Center for Families does not have a service I need, can they still help me?

    Yes. If the NCF does not have a service you need, they will help to connect you to a service provider.

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