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The 2021 Orange County Utilities Standards and Construction Specifications Manual identifies minimum design standards and specifications, submittal requirements, and approval or acceptance procedures to be used for water, wastewater, and reclaimed water systems that will be maintained and operated or served by Orange County Utilities. Questions regarding the manual should be emailed to Standards.Committee@ocfl.net.

Hard copies of the Manual are not being provided.

If you have any issues accessing the documents, please email Standards.Committee@ocfl.net for assistance. All links to 2021 Standards and Specifications documents are found HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be a six-month grace period for projects received by the Orange County Utilities Development Engineering Division prior to October 10, 2021. Your project can remain under the 2011 Manual as long as it is approved by April 10, 2022. “Approved” means that plans must be technically approved by all participating departments. The plans don’t have to be stamped and released by April 10, 2022, to qualify. The approval will be valid for one year. If the preconstruction meeting isn’t held within a year, the approval will expire, and the plans will need to be updated to the 2021 standards. If a preconstruction meeting is held but no active construction commences for six months, the approval will expire, and the plans will need to be updated to the 2021 standards. Exceptions to this are those projects that received extensions pursuant to relevant Senate bills or emergency declarations.

Projects approved under the 2011 Manual may utilize Appendix D approved products from either the 2011 Manual or the 2021 Manual beginning August 23, 2021, through the completion of the project. However, not all approved products from the 2011 and 2021 Manuals are completely interchangeable or compatible, and it shall be the Owner and Engineer of Record’s responsibility to coordinate with Orange County Utilities for applicability and compatibility with respect to the project. Projects approved under the 2021 Manual may only utilize the 2021 Appendix D approved products.

When submitting final record drawings or FDEP partial record drawing clearances, please refer to the 2021 Orange County Utilities Standards and Construction Specifications Manual. For additional clarification, please see below.

  • Record documents digital upload via BOX
  • Surveyor as-builts signed and sealed
  • Engineer of Record – Record drawings signed and sealed
  • Include the coordinate asset table on the record drawings and as an Excel file for coordinate data
  • Include deflection table as an Excel file for deflection data
  • Provide AutoCAD file in .dxf or .dwg format
  • Geotechnical data related to utilities work only
  • Final record drawings combine all previous partial clearances, contractor as-builts, surveyed coordinates with asset table, and all Orange County Utilities work into one complete set.

Please email Standards.Committee@ocfl.net for a copy of the 2011 Manual.

Please email questions and comments to Standards.Committee@ocfl.net.

CCTV Contractor Approval Process and Procedures

CCTV Inspection Contractors for Wastewater Gravity Systems:

CCTV contractors who want to be added to the Orange County Utilities List of Approved CCTV Inspection Contractors for Wastewater Gravity Systems must follow the procedures set forth in the CCTV Approval Process provided below. CCTV contractors must submit the CCTV Inspection Contractor Qualification Form, along with all requested information and documentation, by email to Standards.Committee@ocfl.net.


All current Appendix B Forms and other Support Guides are available via BOX.

Hydraulic Modeling Analysis

You will need to obtain connection pressure information from Orange County to properly design the water, wastewater, and/or reclaimed water system for your project. Request a hydraulic modeling analysis as follows.

For water and reclaimed water systems, prepare a written request including:

  • Fire flow demand. (water requests only)
  • Maximum day demand.
  • Location of your proposed connection point. Provide a sketch with an address or parcel ID.

Submit the request to HGL.Requests@ocfl.net.

For wastewater systems, prepare a written request including:

  • Average daily flow.
  • Peak hourly flow.
  • Location of proposed connection point. Provide a sketch with an address or parcel ID.
  • Request for pressure at the connection location.

Submit the request to HGL.Requests@ocfl.net.

For fire sprinkler systems, contact the Field Support Center (FSC) at (407) 836-6818 or send an email to UD-FSC@ocfl.net to schedule a fire hydrant flow test. The Orange County Office of the Fire Marshal requires a fire hydrant flow test for fire sprinkler system designs.

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