Commercial Wastewater

Environmental compliance programs

Commercial Wastewater Programs

The County regulates the wastewater discharged by nonresidential customers to the County’s sanitary sewer system through three programs (listed below). It's possible for one customer to qualify for all three programs depending on the nature of the wastewater discharge and the processes generating it. A qualifying facility must comply with program requirements. Specific requirements for each program are in Chapter 37, Article XX, of the Orange County Code.

Oil & Grease Prevention Program

Nonresidential facilities that could potentially discharge fats, grease, petroleum-based oils, and solids into the sanitary sewer system (typically restaurants, facilities that prepare/serve food/beverages, hotels, nursing homes, car washes, vehicle repair shops, owners of private pump stations, etc.) are required to participate in the Oil & Grease Prevention Program. As part of the program, the facility must have a County-approved pollution pretreatment device (grease trap, grease interceptor, oil/water separator, sand trap, or fine particle strainer) to pretreat its wastewater, and the device must be properly maintained in accordance with program requirements. All nonresidential customers must submit an Oil & Grease Prevention Program Facility Information Survey once they start their wastewater service to see if they must comply with this program.

Grease traps/interceptors and oil/water separators must be completely pumped out and cleaned at least once every 90 days. In addition, grease traps must be inspected (and excessive solids, fats, grease, and oil removed) at least once every 7 days.

Find grease trap/interceptor design guidelines here. For more information about these guidelines, contact the Utilities Engineering Division at (407) 254-9900.

Interior grease traps are allowed by variance to the Building Code if:

  1. The facility does not grill or fry foods, or cook foods containing oil and grease, and
  2. Physical limitations prevent using an exterior grease interceptor.

To qualify, please submit a variance request to the Water Reclamation Division's Environmental Compliance Section that includes:

  1. A description of the physical limitations,
  2. Calculations by a registered engineer for the size of the interior grease trap,
  3. The manufacturer name and model number of the proposed interior grease trap, and
  4. A completed Orange County Oil & Grease Prevention Program Facility Information Survey.

Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Program

Commercial and industrial facilities that discharge pollutants of concern that can impact or harm the sanitary sewer system or water reclamation facilities are required to participate in the Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Program. All commercial and industrial facilities that use water for non-potable reasons (typically any water use outside of an employee bathroom, kitchen, or cafeteria) must submit an Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Program Questionnaire before they start their wastewater service to see if they must comply with this program.

Environmental Surcharge Program

Commercial and industrial facilities that discharge more than 10,000 gallons of high strength wastewater per day, or that are required to be monitored under the County’s Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Program, must participate in the Environmental Surcharge Program. The purpose of the Environmental Surcharge Program is to collect additional fees for treating high strength wastewater that is more costly to treat than typical domestic strength wastewater. As part of the program, County staff collects a representative wastewater sample from the facility on a quarterly basis. A surcharge will be included on the customer’s monthly utility bill if the sample finds any of these pollutants over their limit:

  • 300 milligrams/liter of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD).
  • 300 milligrams/liter of Total Suspended Solids (TSS).
  • 40 milligrams/liter of Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN).
  • 10 milligrams/liter of Total Phosphorous (TP).

All nonresidential customers must submit an Environmental Surcharge Program Facility Information Survey upon Utilities Department request.

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