Think 5 - Orange County Recycles Day


Join us here in November as we celebrate Orange County Recycles Day!
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Wondering what to do with your old fluorescent lightbulbs? Confused about whether an empty juice carton or potato chip bag belongs in the recycling cart or the garbage cart? There’s a tool for that!

Use the What Goes Where tool to search for hundreds of items and find out how to properly dispose of them.


Learn about some of the top recycling contaminants below and then test your knowledge by playing the Sorting Game in the What Goes Where tool.

Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Rechargeable lithium batteries, such as the ones used in digital cameras, laptops, and power tools, should never go in the recycling cart. These batteries can cause fires resulting in the loss of an entire recycling load, and pose a threat to the safety of waste workers and the community. Instead, dispose of these batteries at a Household Hazardous Waste collection site or community collection event.

Tanglers are “stringy things” like hoses, wires, and plastic bags that can get caught in machinery at recycling facilities, shutting down operations for hours, even days. These items should be disposed of in the green lid garbage cart instead. Many grocery stores have receptacles for plastic  bag recycling.

Air Filters
Although air filters contain some recyclable material, they cannot be processed at recycling facilities and should not be put in the blue lid recycling cart. No matter how dirty or clean the filter, these belong in the green lid garbage cart.


These books are a fun way to learn how to recycle right. Pick yours up at an Orange County Library System location near you, or click the image below to access a printable version.

Orange County Recycles with Recycle Riley

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