Social Service Volunteers

Head Start
Program Overview

The Orange County Head Start program utilizes volunteers at each of its 19 Head Start Centers. Most of the volunteer work is done inside the classroom with the 3,4 and 5 year old children and the teaching staff. There are 82 Head Start classrooms located between the 19 sites. Volunteers report to one of the 19 sites to complete the necessary paperwork prior to beginning their work. Each volunteer is trained and supervised by the site Supervisor.

Who can apply, any age restrictions? Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.

What hours can be accommodated? Most classrooms operate Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM- 5:30 PM. Volunteer schedules can be flexible from several times a week to a few days a month.

What type of volunteer work? Volunteers assist staff during large and small group activities, reinforce learning activities, read to children, practice writing letters, demonstrate simple math concepts, assist with art projects, participate in conversations with children during meals, plan and assist in walking field trips to area resources (fire station, police station, library, health department etc.) and much more.

Are there any requirements? Background check, drug screening, physical – who pays- Background checks are required for any person volunteering over 10 hours per month in the Head Start program. The volunteer has to incur the cost of the background check.

Who to contact? If you wish to volunteer in Orange County Head Start please contact the Head Start Receptionist at (407) 836-6590. The receptionist will direct you to one of the 19 local sites.

Program Overview

SpecialCare of Central Florida, Inc. (SpecialCare) is a joint partnership between Orange County Government and the Orange County Medical Society. Our mission is to organize a network of volunteer physicians and hospitals to provide specialty medical care for eligible adults.

Volunteer Specialists must have a Clear and Active Medical License in the State of Florida.

OCMC is actively recruiting volunteer specialty physicians.

Contact Us

The Orange County Medical Clinic
101 S. Westmoreland Drive
Orlando, Florida 32805

Phone: (407) 836-2519
Fax: (407) 246-5343

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