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District 1 Communities

District 1 Commissioner Nicole H. Wilson

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Headline 5: District 1 is the largest and fastest growing district in Orange County. Made of quiet, historic towns and bustling new development, it is a unique hybrid of classic and contemporary Florida living.

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Avalon Rural Settlement
(An historic rural settlement...)

Dr. Phillips
(A bustling popular area...)

(Founded in 1885...)

Horizon West
(A new growing community...)
Hunter's Creek
(Unique amenities and an abundance of volunteers...)

Lake Buena Vista
(The heart of our booming tourism industry...)

(A rich history and common heritage...)
Town of Oakland
(A gem of a town...)
(An archetype of 20th century development...)

Town of Windermere
(Luxury living at its best...)

Winter Garden
(A modern day Mayberry...)