Residential Fertilizer Calculator

This calculator will help you choose fertilizer that’s good for your yard and our water bodies. It even calculates for extra nutrients if you use Orange County Utilities reclaimed water. To use this calculator you will need:

  • Your address
  • The size of your yard
  • Information on the fertilizer bag label

If your water utility is not Orange County, please call the Environmental Protection Division at 407-836-1400 or email for help with your fertilizer calculations.


* indicates a required field

Step 1: Reclaimed Water Provides Some Nutrients

Step 2: Fertilizer Bag – Is It Compliant?


This fertilizer meets Orange County ordinance requirements.

This fertilizer does not meet Orange County ordinance requirements and is not approved for use.

Step 3: At Home – How Much To Use





Based on the number of times you plan to use this fertilizer, you can use up to this many pounds of fertilizer and comply with Orange County’s ordinance and help protect our groundwater, lakes and springs.