Energy Bill Assistance

Need help with energy bill? We can help!

Do I qualify?

You must be a legal resident of Orange County and have a gross household income no more than 150% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. View Income Guideline Chart

Number of People in the Household Maximum Annual Household Income
1 $27,735
2 $36,269
3 $44,803
4 $55,337
5 $61,870
6 $70,404
7 $72,004
8 $73,605
Maximum Income Values are the greater of 60% SMI (family size 1-8) or 150% FPL (Family size 9-20)

*These Figures are based on the FY 2022 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Guideline published in the Federal Register on January 12, 2022.

You Will Need:

For eligibility, you must submit the following required documents with the energy bill assistance application:

  • Copy of Photo Identification of the applicant
  • Copy of Social Security Cards for all household members (Other documents can be presented if card(s) are not available)
  • Current Utility Bill (proof of utility obligation)
  • Proof of Income for all household members (proof of income may be but not limited to):
    • Copy of pay stubs for last 30 days
    • Copies of award letters from Social Security, SSI, SSDI, VA, TANF/Wages, etc.
    • Letter or print-out from employer(s)
    • W-2 (tax forms)
    • Statement of financial support from family, friends or other agencies
    • Self-Declaration of income statement (signed) Self Declaration Form
  • Certification letter from Section 8/HUD/Orlando Housing Authority showing amounts of monthly Utility Allowance, Reimbursement or proof of Flat Rent. (Applicants must pay the monthly utility amount(s) prior to LIHEAP determining eligibility)
  • Copy of Food Stamps Award Letter (if applicable)

How to Apply for Energy Bill Assistance:

Notice: Due to funding limitations, Orange County residents with a past due bill or a service disconnection notice, who have not received LIHEAP assistance in the last 6 months may apply for services by completing the FASTRACK ONLINE APPLICATION FOR ASSISTANCE. The Fastrack Online Application will be available Monday - Wednesdays from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. in accordance with funding availability. Please complete the FASTTRACK ONLINE APPLICATION FOR ASSISTANCE, sign the application and upload all required documents from the document list above. All required documents must be uploaded at the time of the online application submission for consideration of services. Applications with incomplete documentation; without a current past due bill or service disconnection notice; or with individuals having received LIHEAP assistance in the last 6 months will result in a denial for service.

Apply Here     Apply Here

How to Check Application Status

Applicants who have applied for utility assistance, can check the status of their application by using the Application Tracker. The applicant's online ID number is required to access status.

Check Status    Check Status

Important Note: Paper applications distributed prior to December 22, 2023, will not be accepted for processing after February 16, 2024.

For questions or additional resources, you may call the LIHEAP line at (407) 836-7429, Monday - Friday 8:30am-12pm.

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