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International Drive Vision Plan


Recognizing the importance of creating a shared vision for the International Drive Area, Orange Country Government created Steering Review Group (SRG) composed of I-Drive-area stakeholders and landowners who are committed to maintaining I-Drive as the world’s premier global destination for tourism and family entertainment.

The SRG was tasked with crafting a comprehensive and cohesive plan for the Study Area along with implementation strategies and tools for consideration by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC). The I-Drive 2040 Vision was accepted by the BCC on November 3, 2015.


With hundreds of world famous retailers and restaurants, thousands of stunning hotel rooms and contemporary resorts, dozens of family-oriented attractions and entertainment complexes, I-Drive accounts for a significant portion of Orange County’s robust travel, tourism and hospitality sectors. The proposed plan for the Convention Plaza District will create a vibrant, dynamic and safe pedestrian-centered environment with dedicated transit lanes and sidewalk enhancements for local residents, conventioneers and visitors alike.


There are four pillars surrounding the completion of the visioning process including land development, regulatory components, parking and mobility. The 11-member SRG will assist in formulating the District’s vision along with implementation alternatives that will be reviewed and evaluated by the BCC as the Strategic Vision reaches completion.

The plan includes seven proposed sub-districts to meet the unique needs of each area including the famed Orange County Convention Center, retail and hospitality, entertainment, Sea World, Destination Parkway, Universal Boulevard and Rosen & Shingle Creek.


The 11-member SRG began meeting on a monthly basis in January 2015 with the mission of formulating a shared vision for the Convention Plaza District. The SRG was tasked with creating a cohesive plan for the Study Area along with implementation strategies and tools for consideration by the BCC. Parallel initiatives that will support the SRG vision include Comprehensive Plan amendments and updated development standards.


The I-Drive District Code - adopted in February of 2017 - provides form-based standards to implement the I-Drive 2040 Strategic Vision. The code includes a Regulating Plan that establishes high density mixed-use development transects, as well as Special Zones for civic buildings and theme parks.

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