Hiawassee Road

Bicycle-Pedestrian Safety Study


Orange County has initiated a bicycle-pedestrian safety study on Hiawassee Road between Balboa Drive and Silver Star Road. The study will assess existing conditions and make recommendations for the safety, accessibility, and comfort of all users focusing on pedestrians, cyclists and transit users and their interaction with other modes of transportation. The proposed project is approximately 1.5 miles in length.


The study will provide an in-depth technical evaluation of the existing traffic signal operations and signage with associated supporting accommodations from Balboa Drive to Silver Star Road. The study is to review the needs for additional pedestrian, bicyclist, and transit enhancements to facilitate crossing Hiawassee Road by bicyclists and pedestrians. This project will take both existing and future development with bicyclist-pedestrian safety into consideration.


A consulting firm has been selected to complete the study and data collection is anticipated to begin Fall 2023.

Public Involvement

The study will include an extensive public involvement plan in special coordination with the schools and stakeholders within the project limits as well as neighboring Homeowners Associations, small-group meeting can be organized as necessary.

Contact Us

Ian Phyars, Project Manager
Transportation Planning Division
Orange County Public Works Department
4200 S. John Young Parkway
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Email: Ian.Phyars@ocfl.net
Phone: 407-836-8075

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