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Citizens Safety Task Force

Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings

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Community Crime Survey Results

The Community Crime survey closed January 31, 2021.

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In the span of three weeks during 2020, Orange County experienced seven shootings involving children 17 and younger. Two of these tragic and senseless shootings resulted in fatalities; one child was just three years old. Many of these shootings have been tied to gang violence. Mayor Demings consulted with faith leaders and community members about creating a Citizens Safety Task Force aimed at reducing and preventing gun violence and violent crime in the community.

The task force is comprised of 30+ members representing diverse backgrounds who can help identify solutions to longstanding community problems. The participants include young adults, youth mentors, faith-based leaders, behavioral health professionals, community advocates, law enforcement, education and prevention professionals, and service-based organizations.

Goal & Objectives


Orange County Citizens Safety Task Force goal is to identify solutions and strategies to reduce and prevent gun violence and violent crime in the community.


  1. Review state and local data on gun violence and violent crimes.
  2. Examine youth and young adult risk and protective factors associated with gun
    violence and violent crime.
  3. Research evidence-based programs and best practices that prevent and reduce
    gun violence and violent crime.
  4. Review existing programs and services in the community
  5. Review intervention strategies that deter the possession, carrying and use of
    illegal firearms.
  6. Identify strategies that will mobilize the community and enhance engagement.
  7. Expand prosecution of gun violence and violent crimes.

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