Commercial Pollution Prevention and Environmental Initiatives

Headline 1: Don't feed the algae! Fertilizer containing nitrogen and phosphorus cannot be applied to lawns.

Headline 2: Fertilizer can be carried by the rain into our lakes, rivers and springs. Learn more about the summer restricted period, June 1 to September 30.

Headline 3: Did you know harmful pool substances can pollute our lakes, rivers, springs and wetlands? Be pollution free by visiting the Homeowners’ and Pool Contractors’ Resources webpage: Sustainable Pool Construction & Maintenance.

Headline 4: New regulation prohibits flushing pharmaceuticals down the drain. Contact for more information.

Headline 5: Commercial Fertilizer Applicators need a vehicle decal for proof of training. Request yours at

Headline 6: Request a presentation on Fertilizer Management Ordinance Compliance.

Headline 7: Retailers and Applicators have new requirements under the revised Fertilizer Management Ordinance Chapter 15, Article XVII.

Headline 8:

Headline 9:

Headline 10:

Medicine Disposal

Healthcare facilities, hospitals, pharmacies and other businesses generating pharmaceutical waste are responsible for managing their wastes in accordance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations, which prohibit disposing of expired, unused or unwanted medicines down the toilet or drain. In addition, these businesses are responsible for lawfully managing pharmaceutical wastes identified as hazardous waste. Healthcare facilities, hospitals, pharmacies and other pharmaceuticals waste producing businesses cannot utilize take-back programs or events for disposal of medicines.

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Commercial Recycling

Is your business recycling? If not, you're throwing money away and you are out of compliance with Orange County Code 32-163.

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