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Mental and Behavioral Health System


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The Orange County Mental and Behavioral Health System of Care Community Analysis utilized a multi-pronged approach that involved community stakeholders. Qualitative and quantitative data were gathered through a series of committee meetings, community focus groups, key stakeholder conversations and a review of historical data.

Phase 1: Committee Meetings

Two months and involved 40 meetings across five committees including, Advocacy, Business & Philanthropy, Continuum of Care System Look, Criminal Justice, and Homelessness and Housing.

Phase 2: Focus Groups and Key Stakeholder Meetings

Qualitative data was collected from community stakeholders and key informants. A total of 12 meetings with key stakeholders, and six focus groups, were conducted between October and November 2021.

Phase 3: Review of Literature and Historical Information

Peer reviewed articles that prioritized systematic reviews published in the last 10 years were identified in academic health literature. Amplified focus was given to research intersections of mental and behavioral health and the five committee focus areas.

Phase 4: Mental Health System Funding Overview

The review of funding primarily included historical reference documents developed by state agencies, national funding reports and data gathered in the preliminary analysis conducted by Orange County.

Read more about the methodology and process workflow in the full report.