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The Zoning Division reviews applications for construction in advance of platting, including Model Homes. This is done in accordance with Orange County Code Sec. 30-83.

Model homes cannot be permitted to occupy more than twenty (20) percent of the lots in a single-family residential development that has an approved preliminary subdivision plan, or a phase thereof. In no circumstance may the number of model homes exceed five (5) per phase for single-family detached development, or one (1) six-unit building per phase for single family attached. In both cases, model units shall be required to be built out. The model homes shall be placed on contiguous lots or be clustered together in a readily identified area. No more than one (1) model home may be used as a sales office/center and is subject to requirements outlined in Orange County Code Sec. 38-79(5).


  • A complete and sufficient application will include all the materials listed under the Submittal Guidelines section.
  • Applications are submitted via email to under the subject line “Model Home Application.”


  • Completed application form.
  • Authorization letters from the area’s controlling utility provider shall be submitted verifying the availability (or non-availability) of central sewer and/or water services (Page 2 of the application).
  • One (1) electronic copy of a plot plan showing the parking for the model homes.
  • One (1) electronic copy of an approved subdivision plan (or plat) which indicates where the models are to be located.
  • Legal description of the property.
  • List of the street names approved by 911. The street names must be shown on the subdivision plan or plat.
  • For each proposed model lot, a signed and sealed letter, prepared by a registered professional engineer, certifying that the lot is not located within the 100-year flood plain, or a flood plain permit.
  • Notarized Agent Authorization form is required, if applicant is not the owner of the property. Also, if there are multiple owners then a form is required for each individual or entity.
  • A completed hold harmless and indemnification agreement, in a word document format, using the County’s template. **Please note that the recorded hold harmless and indemnification agreement, completed in accordance with the review process below, will be required to be provided to the Zoning Division prior to issuance of an approved permit.
    • Upon receipt of the initial application, staff will route the Hold Harmless agreement to the County Attorney’s office for review.
    • Notification of a County approved draft of the hold harmless and indemnification agreement will be provided to the applicant by a Zoning Division staff member with a confirmation that the applicant can execute and notarize the agreement and provide it to the Zoning Division.
    • Upon receipt of the executed hold harmless and indemnification agreement, the agreement is signed by the Orange County Planning, Environmental, and Development Services Department Director.
    • The completed hold harmless and indemnification agreement is provided back to the applicant to be recorded.
  • The applicant provides a copy of the recorded hold harmless and indemnification agreement to the Zoning Division.


  • After receiving your application, a staff member will process your application and create a permit number.
  • Once your application has been processed you will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up for a Fast Track user account to pay online.
  • Upon receipt of payment, staff will route the request for review by: Utilities, Fire Rescue, 911, Stormwater Management, Public Works Engineering, Zoning, Architectural/Lighting review, and the Environmental Protection Division.
  • The application will be reviewed within 30 days, and an email will be sent to the applicant advising if there are deficiencies, when applicable, or an approval letter.
    • If deficiencies have been noted, revisions will need to be submitted via email to the assigned zoning reviewer to address the comments.
    • Upon receipt of the approval letter, a permit may be applied for.


  • Review Fee - $406.25 (Fee Directory) – or 409.25 – if EPD review


Zoning Division
Phone: (407) 836-3111