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Sustainability and Community

Orange County is not just one ‘place’ but rather a series of communities with unique circumstances, characteristics and needs. To ensure all our communities are sustainable, Orange County evaluates the needs of our residents, businesses and visitors to create equitable and inclusive opportunities for safer streets and neighborhoods, affordable housing, access to green spaces, healthy food options and healthcare services.

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Progress on our goals & strategies

Goals 1-4: Our Communities Are Safe, Healthy, Connected, And Thriving

  Strategy Time Frame Strategy Progress Information for 2019 Progress
1. Inventory existing programs Short We continually re-assess outreach and community services to improve our programs and meet the needs of residents. On-going effort.
2. Develop a database for community assessment Medium No progress to report.
3. Adopt a community-based model for planning and providing service Medium No progress to report.
Table legend: Short time frame: 0 to 2 years, Medium time frame: 2 to 5 years, Long time frame: 5 years or more.

Our Target Measurements

Community Indicators Baseline Last Reported Current Assessment Target 2020
Community assessments 2014
*data expected
in 2019
No Progress 5

Want to get involved?

Citizens who are engaged in their community build relationships with their neighbors, their government and their institutions. Tying together those relationships and the foundational elements of natural resources, mobility, education, buildings and infrastructure, arts, culture and economics is the key to sustainable living.

Adopt a Park

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You can help keep our Orange County Parks clean and beautiful for all residents to enjoy. The Adopt-a-Park program is easy to join with a minimal commitment; yet it creates a great sense of pride in maintaining these valuable treasures in our community.

How About a Night Out?

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Sign up for the National Night Out “Ridding Crime” event. Orange County has the resources you need including support from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Neighborhood Grants

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It doesn’t matter whether the project is big or small, you can bring your neighbors together to make a difference in your community with the help of Orange County Neighborhood Grants. Read our Sustainability Spotlight about Lake LaGrange to learn more about the grant process and get inspired. Visit the Neighborhood Grants webpage to learn about all of the grants available to Orange County residents.

Save a Life!

Now you can download two great apps that may save a life.

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