Tree Removal Permit

Undeveloped Property


  1. Complete and submit an application for a Tree Removal Permit - Undeveloped Property.
  2. Attach a tree survey as defined in (per Section 15-301(e) .
  3. You may submit In-Person or online to
  4. Application is reviewed by the Zoning Division Arborists for compliance with the County regulations including applicable Board actions. Other affected divisions may review such as Development Engineering and Environmental Protection Division.
  5. For approved applications, conditions of approval may be imposed.
  6. The permit is issued to the contractor or property owner.
  7. The permit expires after 60 days of Permit issuance.

Review Fees

  • Zoning Arborist $121 (fee schedule).
  • EPD $3 (if applicable)
  • Development Engineering $38 (if applicable)

Contact Us

Zoning Division (Arbor Code Inquiries)
Phone: (407) 836-5807

Note(s): When utilizing email, please type 'Tree Removal Permit' in the subject line. Applications will be reviewed within 7 business days from receipt.

All e-mail sent to this address becomes part of Orange County public record. Comments received by our e-mail subsystem can be read by anyone who requests that privilege. In compliance with "Government in the Sunshine" laws, Orange County Government must make available, at request, any and all information not deemed a threat to the security of law enforcement agencies and personnel.