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Environmental Protection Division

The mission of Orange County's Environmental Protection Division, also known as EPD, is serving our community by conserving, protecting and enhancing the environment for current and future generations. EPD's vision is to pursue healthy air, land and water for a resilient, sustainable and thriving Orange County. EPD's staff of over 100 highly trained professionals works hard to protect the quality of Orange County's natural lands, air, lakes, rivers and springs.

  • The Green PLACE Program proudly safeguards more than 24,000 acres of natural lands, fostering conservation and recreational opportunities, with a commitment to expanding preservation efforts.
  • The Air Quality Management Program collects, monitors and reports regional air quality data from highly specialized ambient air monitoring stations.
  • Through collection and analysis of water quality data, EPD's scientists enhance their ability to pinpoint and effectively eliminate pollutants from our County's lakes, rivers and springs.
  • EPD's permitting and inspection teams expertly oversee thousands of projects, ensuring adherence to regulations and the well-being of our community.

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